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Welcome to Umlilo Safaris, Where guests arrive as clients, but leave as friends
: Book your 2019 & 2020 Hunting Safari now! Packages for South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe now on offer! : Book your 2019 & 2020 Hunting Safari now! Packages for South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe now on offer!

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About Us

Umlilo Safaris is well established as one of the top Safari Outfitters in South Africa.
Third generation Dorfling Brothers, Francois and Johan, are the owners of Umlilo Safaris and will be your hosts and Professional Hunters. 
Francois and Johan were born and bred in the hunting community and started hunting at a very young age. Their love and passion for the wildlife of Africa stretches well beyond their hunting skills and operation. They share a burning desire for the conservation and the protection of wildlife. It is this desire that makes them such good hosts and Professional Hunters. They enjoy sharing their experiences, ideas, hunting methods and hunting area.
Umlilo Safaris has always been about the conservation of its wildlife through ethical hunting.  Walk and stalk style hunting preferred, but ambushing tactics are also used when more suitable. 
We specialise in 3 categories of hunting: Trophy Hunting, Management Hunting and Dangerous Game Hunting.
Trophy Hunting is hunting for the old, fully mature male animal that meets the SCI standards. These animals are well discussed and carefully selected by your Professional Hunter.
Management Hunting is the hunting of a specific species in specific areas where the number of game have exceeded the feeding capacity of the area.
Dangerous Game Hunting are animals like the Cape Buffalo, Leopard and Lion for example. 
All categories are well controlled and planned up to one year in advance. Umlilo Safaris take a lot of factors into account, before finalizing hunting packages for the following season. 
Through many years of experience, a true understanding has been built of what it takes to be a top Outfitter and Professional Hunter.  We therefore cater for the experienced Trophy hunter, the Novice hunter, Family Groups and non-hunting guests. Hunters with a disability are also welcome. Each and everyone's stay is important. 
There are excursions that can be added to any safari such as Deep-Sea Fishing, Sightseeing activities and travel. All of this is detailed on the website.
We offer different grades of accommodation to meet different client’s needs. All of which is listed on this website. However, the hospitality, service, comfort and hunting are equal, no matter which lodge you choose.
If you are looking for a dream African experience, with no hidden costs - you have reached your destination!
Please contact us for any enquiries or to make a booking.
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Recent Testimonials

I had a great hunt, the best in the Eastern Cape so far.

- Jeremy

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